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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Bits O' Heaven

I love, love, love the space I have in my bedroom that I've carved out as an office. Lots of fabric and paper and tools and supplies in that place. All my favorite things. What I don't like is that, because it's a pretty small space, the desk has to face the wall. Or rather, I have to face the wall when I sit at the desk.

Here's my solution: we hung a printer's tray, which I've had forever and am crazy about but never knew what to do with, above the desk. I filled it up with some functional bits and pieces, like stamps and buttons, and some decorative memorabilia. I love looking at it now because every little box has a story behind it.

I laugh every time I see this Chinese fortune cookie slip. "The love of your life will appear in front of you suddenly!" it says. It makes me think of the time that D and I had first started dating, when he jumped out from behind a door with a quilt over his head to scare me. It worked. He had no idea how much I hate to be scared. He knows now. :)

Snow White is for that blasted Halloween costume that I stayed up all night making.

The sheep is for my favorite quote from French literature, "Revenons a nos moutons." Which probably only means anything to me.

I'm not planning on doing any work with those oil pastels any time soon, but it makes me happy to look at them.

(Yes, that's a stamp of my face in the corner. What, you don't have a face stamp?)

The high-rise building tag and snowflake charms remind me of a recent and very special trip to Chicago.

I mean, it's not ideal for one's work desk to face the wall, but I guess if you have to, you might as well put up something that makes you smile. But watch out, because it's easier for someone to jump out with a quilt over their head and scare you if your back is to them.