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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick Rhea Lana's Update Plus New Slipcover

So my mom and I hit the Rhea Lana's pre-sale today. If you're in the market for gently used and relatively high-quality kids' clothing, toys, and furniture, don't miss it. It runs through the end of this week, in the Hammons Center / Embassy Suites Conference Center in Rogers. Before you go, you should know it's pretty overwhelming. There's one giant room of clothes, ranging from preemie to maybe toddler size 5 or 6. There are also some glider chairs, cribs, maternity clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous stuff like monitors, Boppies, and books in that room. The other room, which I didn't even make it into, has bigger toys and furniture. I consider myself a pretty competent shopper and I only made it through maybe a fifth of one room. It's very crowded, and there's very little space to move around. (I also went on pregnant ladies night, so there was quite a bit of space taken up by bellies.) If you go, be sure to take a giant shopping bag - bags are not provided there. And don't take in a big purse, or, whatever you do, a child. There were some kids there, and those were some miserable mommas.

I went looking for baby boy clothes and maybe some maternity clothes, and I did a pretty good job. Total damage: 11 footed sleepers, 7 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of overalls, 6 long-sleeved onesies, one button-down, one sweater, and two hats for baby boy Smith, plus one cute top for me: $95. Not bad.

Also, here's the newest slipcover I've made and put on Etsy. I love the Razorback red against the black and white polka dot background. Just in time for football season!


  1. Ugh. We went last night at 6. I had been at work all day, went to Target, then to Rhea Lana's. I was about to DIE I was so miserable. I took one look at the line of 200 pregnant women and walked right back out the door--so not worth it to me that night. I think I may go back tonight or tomorrow evening and hopefully stroll through at my own leisurely pace. Glad you found some good deals!

  2. As soon as I read your e-mail I printed my coupon, gave Andrew a bath, and we all headed there. It was overwhelming, but I did get several footed sleepers and went a little crazy on bows!! My next plan is to actually consign some of Andrew's clothes next time (once we're 100% this is a girl...) I've heard that people make good money selling their kids clothes.