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Monday, October 3, 2011

October Urns

Good Monday morning! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Mr. Man is on hand to help me blog about the new fall-themed urns we just put out front.

He loves to sit in my lap while I'm on the computer. That's his no-nonsense editor face. He will not let me get away with any grammar infractions!

These urns are from Sam's Club. They have great seasonal outdoor items, and they're cheaper and higher quality than lots of other places. We got them in the summer - they had ivy topped with ferns. The poor ferns had given up (I don't have the greenest of thumbs), so I was looking for a replacement for the fall.
I left the ivy and just cut out the ferns. I got some big ol' pumpkins, and tucked some dead hydrangeas from the backyard in around the base of them. I love the colors of the hydrangeas - this summer, they were a pretty lilac, but as they've faded, they've turned into a great deep purple - perfect for Halloween!

And the new decor even enticed our friendly little spider, who's been camped out in the bushes in the front yard for months, to leave his cozy web and check out it out! He looks pretty Halloween-y, don't you think?

So, wander around your yard and see what blooms are past their prime, but still beautiful enough to do some fall sprucing up.
Happy decorating!

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