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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fingerprint Trees and Watercolor Wednesday

Here are a couple of projects from Summer Vacation this week!

For the fingerprint trees, I chopped cardstock into squares an stamped tree trunks - then passed out my stamp pads to the kids to get creative in using their fingers to make leaves. 

I used a stamp from Oriental Trading Company (LOVE their clear stamps!), but it would be pretty easy to just draw a tree trunk and limbs with a marker.  Another cute fingerprint project I've seen recently is birds on a wire - from Mrs. Weber's Art Class.

Today was Watercolor Wednesday!  (That's not really a thing.  It was just a happy, alliterative accident.)  The project today was to pick out a picture from a book - Penny chose to do The Man With the Yellow Hat from a Curious George book - I did a Sneech.  Then lightly sketch the character in pencil and trace over it in Sharpie, and erase the pencil marks, then add watercolor.  I'm trying to teach her about drafting and editing.  And I have no idea what I'm doing.  But this was fun!  She really liked it.  (Camden didn't participate in this one.  He took an early nap; it was kind of nice to have a longer, quiet, girls-only art time.)

Here are the resulting masterpieces:
And, here are a couple of my precious kiddos. 

If you have children, this article will encourage you:
It was just the friendly reminder I needed today.

Happy Summer Vacation!

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  1. I love the fingerprint trees idea! Definitely need to make some this summer.