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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Closet Shelves

We recently redid Penny's bedroom for her birthday - it was the last room in the house that we hadn't painted since we moved in two years ago.  Her room got a fresh coat of soft yellow paint on the walls, and white on the bead board below the chair-rail, and we put this fun pink in the closet.

She has a wide closet with accordion doors that stay open all the time, so her closet really is part of her room.  Because of the doors, there is some awkward space on either side of the closet that is sort of blocked off by the doors and not very accessible. 

Color in closet:  Begonia, from Glam by Sherwin Williams
 After trying lots of drawer/shelves ideas in there, we decided to try installing four sets of shelf brackets, and setting big plastic bins on top of them for all her pajamas and socks and pants.  I can grab a bin and set it on her bed to sort through the whole thing, or I can just grab whatever I need from where it is.  
(I kind of thought we'd have to attach the bins - I imagined the kids gleefully yanking the bins off the brackets and watching the clothes go flying - but so far, they haven't pulled them down.)  
They have worked out really well - they use space that would have otherwise been wasted, they were super-inexpensive, and they stay relatively well organized.

brackets from WalMart

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