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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paint Chips

Yikes - it's been a while, right? It turns out, having two kids in diapers doesn 't leave much room for creative pursuits, much less blogging about them. But here I go. . .

This is a scrapbook page layout where I used some paint chips tucked into a faux-pocket behind my main picture to reinforce the green theme. (I love paint chips - don't you? I look at them whenever I'm in a home improvement store. And now, Disney has paint chips that are stickers shaped like the Mickey Mouse head in the color of the paint! So now I pick up paint chips for P - that girl is a sucker for stickers. Okay, fine - I am, too.)

These paint chips were left over from when I painted P's bedroom. Now that I'm writing about it, it seems kind of gross that I chose a green color for her room that is the same as the mushed-up baby food peas that she used to smear all over herself. Hmm.

I did another layout for a niece with the orange chips from Mr. Man's room. I never throw anything away. It's ridiculous.

Also, the "green" in the title is made out of Shrinky Dink plastic! I think it's available at Hobby Lobby - I found this stuff in my arts & crafts stash, which represents years and years of never throwing anything away. I used huge stencils, traced the letters with thick Sharpie, then baked them. (Nothing is more fun than baking Shrinky Dinks! I might be easily amused. . .) Then I painted the backs of them with green acrylic paint. (See how the 'g' is broken? Apparently, skinny parts don't bake well.)

In other news, I'm thinking about opening my shop back up on Etsy. I really miss it! I'm trying to figure out the logistics - how to do it so I can enjoy it and not get overwhelmed. Or, you know, neglect the children.

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  1. Love the scrapbook layout and love that you might be re-opening your Etsy store...I'm going to need a girly boppy cover!! :)