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Monday, February 1, 2010

Toy Story

I love looking back at pictures and noticing the everyday stuff - the background mess, the clothes. . . the stuff that I don't usually highlight in my scrapbooks. My favorite scrapbook pages usually end up being about the everyday stuff. Like my little girl's favorite toys from her first year.

For this page I took pictures of all her favorite toys against a white background (the toys were so bright - I didn't want a busy background, too) and numbered all the pictures. In the margin I put the number, then journaled anything important - who the toy is from, it's name, stuff like that.

And I'm terrible with titles, so when I do one I like, I make a big deal about it. I generally don't even put a title on my scrapbook pages; when I do, it's a song title, or movie title, or something like that. Words that aren't my own. I remember agonizing over the title of a Shakespeare report I had to write in high school. Titles traumatize me. I like this title of this page, "Toy Story," because it's a kids movie title that also describes this page, but also because it looks bold and simple. I got the idea to fill in one letter with monochromatic buttons from a scrapbooking magazine. I can't claim it. But I like the way it turned out!

So my resolution is to make more space in my scrapbooks for the everyday stuff, not just the holidays and vacations.

Mr. Man approves. :)


  1. He is a cutie pie! Also, I know you aren't busy, so maybe I should mail you a bunch of S's stuff and let you do his scrapbook. =)

  2. Ok, Cam is adorable!! He and Madelyn have to meet soon!