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Sunday, August 28, 2011

CraigsList Desk Makeover on the Cheap

We found this desk for $30 on CraigsList. We needed something in the guest room for the computer to sit on. Now that the guest room will be housing a new baby this winter, we were thinking about selling the desk, but I'm not one to part with furniture that easily. This is also why I'm a terrible poker player: once I'm invested in something, I will go down with that ship. No such thing as cutting my losses.

Here's the before:

Missing trim, brass hardware, oppressive brown color, hole in the back. . . Not a lot too cute about it, except the little critter posing in front of it.

And here's the after:
We slapped on a fresh coat of paint, switched out the hardware, and bulked up the trim to make it look. . . less like it was purchased for $30. My favorite part is the beadboard that we stuck up on the back, in front of the crumbling particle board.

Yeay! One step closer to turning my bedroom into one giant craft room. . . Now, if we could just get rid of that pesky bed.

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