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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little House

I ran out of things to do with Penny the other day, so I mixed myself up an Instant Breakfast. I love those things. Then I ended up with an empty box, because it was the last package. So I turned the top of the box into a roof shape, and grabbed some scrapbook paper, scissors and glue, and let Penny go to town making doors and windows to stick on our little house. She loved it! She's been playing with it for days. Isn't it always the goofiest little things that kids enjoy the most?

I'm loving this cooler weather - it's so nice to be able to play outside again! And cooler weather means one thing: Ozark craft fairs! They're just over a month away - October 13-16. I can't wait!
Which ones do you never miss? Any hidden gems?

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